Serious Games & Simulations

  • Serious About Learning Games

    How do you maintain a happy, fulfilled team who are highly effective at work? Simple, make learning fun. “Serious” learning games strike the perfect balance between creativity, collaboration and engagement; essential factors for the success of any business.

  • Business Simulations

    At Unicorn, we believe in the power of action learning. Over the past 20 years we’ve built a reputation for developing world-class business simulations to provide vivid classroom-based learning experiences, bringing to life the challenges of successful business decision making in fast-changing competitive environments.

  • Amuzo Our Games Partner

    We invested in chart-topping game studio Amuzo to bring world-class mobile and cross-platform game experiences to our learning. Amuzo have priceless experience of creating and developing some of the most iconic games of the last 15 years, and delivering them on multiple platforms. In the last two years alone, Amuzo games have been played an amazing three quarters of a billion times around the globe.

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Engaging Learners


“An Aberdeen Group research study confirmed that organisations that chose to embrace gamification improved engagement by 48% and even saw revenue turnover increase by up to 36%”

elearning gamification

Learning games are the fastest growing area in learning and development. We’ve always been advocates of using game design principles in learning activities to engage learners to change behaviours, learn new skills and, above all, have fun. For over 26 years, we’ve developed and run business simulations and built gaming principles into our eLearning, interactive case studies, branching scenarios and mini-simulations.

What is a Learning Game?

A learning game requires context (an authentic scenario), challenge (risk-based activities with dynamic branching and goal-based scoring), activities (that closely mirror the thought processes and actions on the job), and feedback (immediate progress and delayed summative assessment).

Our passion and understanding for gaming as a tool for training and development is evident. But how did we get where we are today in the world of games-based learning?

Well, we’ve set ourselves up with the best in the business by investing in the chart-topping, award-winning and all-round awesome games studio Amuzo.


Try the Abbreviation Game, test your knowledge versus your colleagues.