Safe Business Travel – Introduction

Safe Business Travel – Introduction

Project Details

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Get your passport ready as we jet off into the world of business travel. With the risks of international travel on the increase, many business travellers are inexperienced when it comes to safety and security issues. This short video introduces the subject of safe business travel with the use of high impact graphics and statistics and introducing key things to pay attention to.

Project Description

Our client works in some high-risk territories, including Afghanistan, and many of their staff have never travelled outside of the US. Often prospecting teams are going to new places with no security infrastructure in place.

The purpose of this project was to create a course to promote safe travel for business without any accident or personal injury. The client wanted a high-impact video to hook their learners in at the start of a wider module-based course. Therefore this video focussed on highlighting some of the things that can go wrong and the possible consequences.