Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Project Details

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  •  Tablet friendly

Challenge your perceptions with this fresh take on Money Laundering and how to prevent it. This module uses a routine commute to work to encourage you to look at things from a different angle and open your eyes to what is going on around us. It’s a simple linear course with a clever use of video clips to take this otherwise dull compliance topic and firmly ground it in our everyday lives.

Project Description

Our client wanted a compliance course with a difference – something that will grab the attention of their learners from the start and create more buy-in for them. Our solution was to use an ordinary commute to work to illustrate how there are many things going on around us that we don’t even notice. The course starts with a short video showing the commute, and then breaks this down into sections – each with a story around a character that you pass on your way to work. Each story tackles a different aspect of money laundering and the consequences of things go wrong.