Introducing ComplianceServe

  • Safeguard Your Business

    ComplianceServe is a robust and trusted solution created by recognised industry experts to meet your regulatory and compliance needs. ComplianceServe provides your company with the means to reduce risk through relevant practical training designed to encourage the right behaviours.

  • Secure Portal

    A trusted and effective solution to enable you to manage your compliance training, CPD and T&C needs through one easy-to-use and secure portal.
Unicorn is an ISO 27001 company.

  • Effortless & Effective

    Deploy content, monitor, report, automatically assign learning, send email reminders to learners and create role-based pathways to quickly and easily deliver the right learning to your users.

What does ComplianceServe offer?

ComplianceServe, a trusted and effective solution designed to align with the regulated environment in your industry.

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ComplianceServe Features


ComplianceServe gives you access to a comprehensive library of eLearning content powered by SkillsServe, Unicorn’s award-winning online learning management system, ranked the no. 1 LMS in Financial Services.

Training and Competence (T&C)

Our integrated Training and Competence (T&C) feature helps firms comply with the FCA’s T&C requirements using a series of generic forms.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Effective and consistent CPD is an essential part of professional standards. ComplianceServe enables your learners to record and track all their continuing professional development activities, either at their desktops, or on the move using our CPD mobile app. The CPD scheme is designed to meet the core requirements of the FCA.

eLearning Library

You’ll have access to a suite of compliance titles. With the help of our industry partners we’re adding more titles all the time, to ensure your knowledge stays up to date as new regulations come into force.

Content Matrix
compliance training fca

We’ve also made it easy to search through the library to find the titles which relate to your particular sector, so whether you work in retail banking, consumer credit, mortgage and home finance, wealth management or capital markets, the learning you need is at your finger-tips.

Content Partners
Our partners include:

The content within ComplianceServe  gains strength and quality from our content partners’ subject matter expertise. Organisations such as the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) and FSTP help us to deliver the most up-to-date and relevant learning content so that you can meet your regulatory obligations.

More Features & Benefits
ComplianceServe contains a number of features to help you deliver and manage your compliance training, find out more with our factsheet.



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