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CeLTX 2016 UK
Since 1988, we’ve created L&D and compliance solutions for the UK’s ever-changing financial services industry. We love what we do. You’ll love the results.

Based in sunny Bournemouth and rainy London, our 25 years’ experience and award-winning creativity have helped us grow to be a market leader in our field.

Quite simply, we give you what you want. We turn complicated language into everyday language and complicated policies into everyday scenarios. We don’t just teach you “what”, we explain “how”.

No matter what your eLearning needs, we’ll listen to what you need and deliver an innovative solution just right for you. And to make your life easier, we can deliver it on our very own award-winning learning & performance platform, SkillsServe.

The biggest compliment we’ve had from customers is that they keep coming back for more.

2016 TOP 50 LMS


We are experts

We are recognised for our expertise in everything we do, from developing award-winning training programmes to delivering first class customer service. Our reputation is based on constantly improving our skills and programmes to give the customer what they want.

We inspire

Our shared commitment to what we do inspires us to do our best. Our positive energy and passion for what we do inspires people to get involved and enjoy being part of the experience.

We are simple

…but not stupid! We are easy to understand in an industry where technology can be complicated and confusing. We don’t use jargon, we use everyday words that everyone can follow.

We are refreshing

We stand out from the competition. We don’t use computer clichés, we look for new ways to express our message. We listen to what our customers want and we provide them with a personal service that’s just right for them.

About Unicorn Training



What makes Unicorn stand out from the competition is their understanding of our business and a willingness to deliver fresh ideas continuously. The courses provide a consistent message, real-life examples and allow each user to work interactively through a range of interactions.

- Volkswagen Financial Services

The courses are well written and highly engaging…ensuring [staff] retain more information and stay on top of the latest regulatory developments.

- Handelsbanken

They are highly responsive to our needs and have worked tirelessly with us to develop the right tools for our members. I would rate [Unicorn] as one of my top suppliers.

- CIPS Consultant, Mediatricks

Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive and the main appeal of the solution itself is its ease of use for both learners and administrators alike.

- Fosway Group

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